One Month Before Heart Attack, Your Body May Warn You With These 8 Signs

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One of the leading death factors, in the United States, not only in the past few years but in known history, is the heart attack. It is less known by it’s “official” name-myocardial infraction but the name doesn’t change much. They are still one of the deadliest “thing” not only in the US but on the whole planet.

The only and best way to prevent a heart attack from happening is of course to spot early symptoms. These symptoms often show long before a heart attack event occurs. Evan month or two before the undesired event occurs. Spotting any of these symptoms will give us enough information for on time reaction to prevent the heart attack.

Major risk factors for a heart attack are

AHSA or the American Hearth and Stroke Association, both of these, heart attacks and strokes often result from one, or both, of two reasons:

  • Blood supply problems (insufficient blood supply)
  • Blockage of blood flow in a coronary artery

If you are still not scared enough let’s talk about numbers, and hopefully you will understand how serious this is. Reports say that there are over 700,000 each year only in the United States. 100,000 of these 700,000 or 14% of cases don’t survive the unwanted event, and over 50% of patients never fully recover.

The only upside we have in the battle against this life-threatening disease are the few key symptoms that warn us long before heart attack event occurred. If everyone would know about these few symptoms, people could react in time and save their life. If you know the warning signs you could potentially find them in the people around you and warn them also.

On the next page, you can read the 8 key symptoms that will warn you one month before a heart attack event occurs and most likely save your life.

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