How to Strengthen Tooth Enamel

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What is Tooth Enamel?

Well, if we want to know how to strengthen tooth enamel we firstly must know what tooth enamel is. Enamel is simply the tooth skin, just tougher! In fact, it is so tough, that it is the hardest tissue that we have. Cool huh? Nevertheless, tooth enamel may be hard but it is unrepairable once damaged.

Why Strengthen Tooth Enamel?

The worst thing is that your teeth may seem perfectly healthy but under the hood, your tooth enamel is weak and therefore undermining your overall oral health. Week tooth enamel can happen for various reasons, most likely sugar. Also tea, cola, fruit juices, coffee, red wine … and many others. It is exposed to everything you put in your mouth and a little more, so it is hard to stay away from all the things that can damage it. What can we do then? Of course, we can strengthen tooth enamel by using various techniques. We will focus on natural solutions on how to strengthen tooth enamel in this article.

But before doing that let’s see why is tooth enamel so important to us? What it does and what is its main function.

What Does Enamel Do?

As we mentioned earlier tooth enamel is the outer skin of teeth. Its primary function is the protection of the teeth from daily things everyone does with them like chew, bite, crunch or grind. It also protects the teeth from high or low temperatures as well as a lot of chemicals. Even being the hardest tissue in the human body, tooth enamel can still get cracks and get damaged. The sad part of this story is that every bone in our body can heal and be repaired, only enamel damage is forever. Once broken it can’t be repaired. There is a simple explanation for this, tooth enamel is mineral and there are no living cells in the enamel.

What Can Cause Tooth Enamel Loss?

One of the most common things that damage enamel is acid. Over time it erodes the tooth enamel and slowly eats it away. You may ask yourself, an acid in my mouth? But how? Well, the acid in the mouth can be produced in a few ways. First and most common is food. When we eat food, our mouth produces acid to process it easier. But that is not the only concern, here are few more that erode tooth enamel.

  • Dry mouth
  • Acid reflux
  • GI tract issues
  • Acidic medicines like aspirin
  • Low salivary flow
  • Genetics
  • Bruxism, or grinding of the teeth

A lot of patients in our Glendale, AZ, practice want to know the best way to protect their teeth from this condition. It’s smart to teach these habits to your children as well since up to 37 percent of U.S. kids 11-13 suffer from enamel erosion.

DIY: 10 Simple Tricks That Will Help You Strengthen Tooth Enamel

As time goes by, and we grow old our teeth get weaker. It is really important to strengthen tooth enamel every day. This should be done for few reasons but the number one would be, once growing old, keeping as many natural teeth as we can. The other reason is also an obvious one. Money! By keeping a healthy mouth and good oral health you will save a lot of money.

#1 Stay away from certain food and beverages

Avoiding drinks that contain sugar will protect your teeth from decay. Also, soft drinks contain acid that accelerates tooth decay. One more thing here, stay away from food such as cookies, candies and other foods that contain sugar.

#2 Always use Toothpaste That Contains Fluoride

Fluoride is actually inorganic, a monatomic anion of fluorine. It is the most common and simplest anion of fluorine. What we should know is that fluoride is protecting us on multiple fronts. Firstly, it rebuilds weak tooth enamel and helps strengthen tooth enamel. Also, it will reverse tooth decay that is in early stages. The last, but not least important is that it will protect our teeth in the future from developing cavities.

#3 Tap Water is Good for Our Teeth

You might ask why? Well in most cities tap water contains fluoride. And this is not a mistake. This is a worldwide accepted rule long ago. It started as a campaign against tooth decay for children, but of course, it works for adults also. Bottled water doesn’t contain fluoride. So if you want to save some money and keep away from the dentists’ office. Try using tap water to strengthen tooth enamel for you and your children.

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