12 Uses Of Eggshells You Didn’t Know About

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Eggshells can be useful for many things. They are inexpensive and usually end up in the trash. But you can collect them and use them all over the house and even as a food supplement. Here are some tips on how to use this precious organic material.

Uses Of Eggshells

1. Fertilizer for tomatoes

The period between Easter and summer is short, and some of us are already trying to grow tomatoes in our gardens. Eggshells are rich in calcium. If you place them at the bottom of the pot or planting pit it will protect tomatoes from the frequent lack of this mineral, which causes rotting of early ripening.

2. Make your own natural cleaning detergent

Eggshells are a natural abrasive and are free of toxic chemicals. For this purpose, you should avoid painted eggs that you have from Easter. Dry the eggshells completely and then blend them until they become powder. Mix the baking soda in 1: 3 ratio (1 eggshell with 3 tablespoons of baking soda). Add a bit of water to get a paste like consistency. With this mixture, you can scrub clean your pots, oven or bathtub.

3. Clean the sink

Pour the dried eggshells that have turned into powder into your kitchen sink. The amount you need is just a quarter of a teaspoon. Then turn on the tap. Abrasive dust will collect pieces of food and another residue from the pipe. If you regularly clean your sink using this method it will prevent it from clogging.

4. “Soften” the coffee

The eggshells you plant to use for this should be clean and not painted with artificial colors. Because they consist mainly of calcium it means they are more basic, they can absorb part of the acidity in coffee, giving it a nicer flavor.

5. Wash hard to reach areas

We all have that one vase with a narrow opening that constantly annoys us because it can’t be thoroughly washed all the way to the bottom. Place broken shells in the vase with a little bit of warm water and detergent. Stir and the abrasive eggshells should remove dirt and then easily get out of the vase.

6. Growing small plants

If you have managed to keep half eggshell without breaking it then you have the perfect container for seeds. Place them firmly, fill them with soil and plant the seeds. When it’s time for planting, the whole shell can go directly into the ground because it is biodegradable. Just make a hole on the bottom so the roots can easily get through.

7. Get rid of the garden “intruders”

Dust from dried eggshells can kill unwanted insects if thrown on their nests, or around the leaves and the base of the plants that are affected by them.

8. Chasing cats away from your flowers

Nothing is worse than an everyday argument with an unknown perpetrator in the form of a cat that is peeing in your garden. Broken eggshells placed on the ground can change their minds because the sharp peaks irritate their paws. It’s worth a try.

9. Replace face masks with micro-granules

Plastic microbeads found in cosmetics will be banned from July 2017 in the UK. The granules are dangerous for the environment, especially fish that ingest them. Instead, you can use dried and powdered eggshells. Mix them with egg white, and use it as a face mask.

10. Feeding birds

Mixed with grains, (or other food that you usually give to your birds) the eggshells are an excellent source of calcium added to them.

11. Removing stains

If you have bright cups or mugs full of stains from coffee, black or green tea, place broken eggshells in them with a little water overnight. Porous shells absorb the stain and clean the cups without leaving a chemical smell.

12. Making inexpensive source of calcium

Rather than spending money on effervescent tablets or other supplements containing calcium, you should know that eggshells can do the job. Eggshells are a natural and inexpensive source of calcium. Only one eggshell contains about 2 grams of calcium, which is double the recommended daily intake for adults. Grounder eggshells can be added to any dish either yours or your pet’s.

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