What is Cervical Cancer and 8 Warning Symptoms That May Indicate Cervical Cancer

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Cervical cancer is closely related to human papillomavirus or shortly HPV. HPV is actually the virus that causes cervical cancer. This virus is easily transmitted, and most commonly, by engaging in sexual intercourse with an already infected person. HPV has many types and variations, and not all of them cause cervical cancer. Few of them can cause genital warts, and others don’t cause any symptoms.

The male population is much safer when we talk about HPV. All they can get is maybe genital warts, and it they are mostly the carrier population of the virus. Meanwhile, the female population is much more in danger because the virus can lead to cervical cancer.

At some point in life, every adult is infected by HPV. Most of the time the infection goes away on its own. As we mentioned earlier this is simple for the male population. But for the other (more beautiful half) this is not the case. Since HPV can be really dangerous for, every woman should do regular Pap tests. This test, Pap test, detects any changes in the cervical cells indicating that they are a potential cancer cell. If caught early, it is easily treatable and curable. With which you may and probably will prevent cervical cancer developing.



What is Cervical Health Awareness Month?

The HPV virus and the type of cancer that it causes is so dangerous, that they got thair own awareness month. The US congress officially has designated January to be Cervical Health Awareness Month. Each year, approximately of 13,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer only in the United States. The stupid thing about this is that this type of cancer is easily preventable by doing regular Pap and HPV tests.


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