Ionic Foot Detox: Most Effective Way To Flush Toxins From Your Body

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The Ionic foot detox bath is not anything new. In fact, it is work in progress for more than several decades. The possibility to affect the positive and negative charges of ions was firstly introduced in the process named “IONTOPHORESIS”. The FDA approved this process in 1970 as a healing modality.

The first experiments were done by Dr. Bernard Raymond Fabre in 1833. He documented that while using low voltage to stimulate, administrate, and transfer fluids in the body. Back then he couldn’t understand why and how the fluids were transferred trough cell membranes. Then in 2003, the ion channel system was discovered by two American scientists, Roderick MacKinnon and Peter Agre, who were awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this discovery.

What is Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox is very effective way to flush toxins from your body. Toxins build up over time if we don’t stay away from certain foods in our diet plan. One of the most effective, safe and painless forms of detoxification is ionic foot detox. Therefore, in this article, we will talk more about this, will include recipes, how to do it yourself without throwing enormous amounts of money.

Why Ionic Foot Detox

Many consider this to be the most effective way of body detoxification from poisons we build up over time. Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier ionic foot detox is safest and considered by many, most effective way of body detoxification. Here is a short list of all the health benefits proven by relevant research for ionic foot detox.

  • Ionic detox removes toxins as well as free radicals. Furthermore, removes body waste products that are linked to various health problems. (Study made by Carlos A. Lopez-Moreno, MD. Conclusion from the study was that 12 patients that suffer from chronic illnesses got rid of significant deposits of creatine, urea, and glucose in the ionic foot detox bath basin)
  • Detox baths terminate at start worms, parasites, and various other microorganisms that cause health problems for humans and are the main cause for various diseases. More than 95% of people have their pH level below than 7.45. This indicates that these people have an excess of hydrogen ions. With ionic foot detox bath the pH levels rise due to chelate toxic metals.
  • In 2008 Center for Research Strategies, made a research that included 31 participants. Each participant blood was measured before and after 12 weeks of ionic foot detox baths. Each week the participants attended two ionic detox treatments. After twelve weeks average blood levels showed decrease in aluminum levels (46%), as well as arsenic blood levels, decrease by 24%
  • A study was done in 2002 by Doctor’s Data in St. Charles, IL, that concluded, without a doubt, there was an increase of toxic metals in the basin. We also provided a chart about this.
heavy metals report before and after ionic foot detox bath
heavy metals report before and after ionic foot detox bath


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