Garlic and Garlic Skins Benefits

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Did you know that garlic feeds and heals people for more than thousand years? It is considered to be one of the healthiest foods since ancient times. It has a specific taste and it’s either loved or despised, but it is full of beneficial and medicinal substances. Therefore, Russian folk medicine uses the garlic skins benefits to treat many diseases and ailments. Let’s not forget that garlic alongside the special homemade bread and kefir are the main foods of the centenarians – The Kavkaz People.

Garlic is a natural diuretic. It helps to remove excess fluids from the body. It strengthens the cardiovascular system. Garlic acts as a natural analgesic and antimicrobic, so it helps in wound healing, neutralizes and relieves pain and inflammation. It lowers the cholesterol and prevents further artery blockage and improves potency. It has a therapeutic effect if you consume 2-3 cloves daily.

There are some studies that suggest that garlic slows down the growth of tumors and destroys cancer cells, especially in brain cancer.

Full of vitamins and minerals

White garlic contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin B. It contains essential oils and selenium that is famous for its anti-oxidant properties. Garlic is most beneficial when consumed raw because high temperature destroys vitamins C and other enzymes. Therefore, you should always try to consume it raw, or in a powder/pill form as a supplement.

Powerful antibiotic

Other garlic and garlic skins benefits include strengthening of the immune system, protecting the body from diseases. It acts as an antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal agent. Garlic is a strong natural antibiotic because it contains a powerful ingredient called allicin. This powerful ingredient is released when a raw garlic clove is crushed. Garlic kills a variety of opportunistic bacteria and fungi such as candida and staphylococcus. Garlic and garlic skins benefits are especially noted during winter times and cold temperatures when the immunity system is running low.

How to remove the bad odor after consuming garlic

The bad and strong odor of garlic is due to its sulfurous compounds. It causes a bad and breath, but it also gives a distinct smell to the skin. To refresh the breath after consuming garlic, chew some lemon, or parsley and cardamom leaves. You can wash your mouth with some milk.

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