Glowing Skin Tips, Prevention and Hygiene

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Everyone dreams of having skin with beautiful color and gentle to the touch or skin as apricot or like a child. In this post you will learn several glowing skin tips and tricks. All children have beautiful skin, provided they are healthy. The reason is simple: children are living in hormonal state of complete peace, yet already in the beginning of puberty the plight with acne begins ..

Since then continuously changing levels of hormones charge themselves tissues of the skin, subcutaneous, blood vessels, glands and hairs … The inevitable consequence is impaired beauty. However, it may be restricted and slowed down.

Glowing Skin Tips, Prevention and Hygiene

All or almost all diseases, local or general, adversely affect the skin, yet its sworn enemies are excessive eating, poisoning, excessive sunbathing and dirt.

Excessive consumption appeals to the accumulated toxins in the skin, hence it leads to improper functioning of the bodies it contains, so the outcome is many rashes, blackheads, redness, lichens and cause of red, dirty and faded skin.

Preventive medicine is hepatotoxicity diet (food without preservatives, fat meat, white bread, soda and sweets with white sugar.

The worst for the beauty of the skin is poisoning with nicotine (skin of smokers is gray, faded and has much more than normal skin sensitive dermatoses. And excessive indulgence in alcoholic drinks can lead to a catastrophe. Excessive sunlight dries the skin and accelerates the creation of wrinkles. Remember that dirt closes pores, prevents the skin to breathe, and interfere with its functions in thermal regulation, in other words weakens exposes it to all sorts of attacks. Therefore it should be washed with hot water intermittently (which cleans it better) and wash it with cold water to strengthen the skin.

Soap that you use should be as natural as possible, the skin can not stand chemical detergents. Some types of skin get allergies from some bathing soaps or from some toilet water. Here we go with those Glowing Skin Tips…

Glowing Skin Tips – Natural lotions for cleaning greasy skin


  • 200 g fresh cabbage
  • 500ml cold water
  • Preparation

Healthy leaves of fresh cabbage soak them in cold water and let them sand for a while, then wash them through several waters. In 500 ml of slightly salted water cook them quietly for about 2 hour, then cool them. Separate the leaves from the water.


Use gauze or swab and soak it in the lotion. Massage the oily parts of the face with the gauze. Then it is desirable to wash the face with Sulphur soap. Then wash your face with warm water and wipe with a cloth.


  • 30 g chamomile
  • 30 g birch
  • 250 ml water

Cook the herbs till boiling, then cool them off in a freezer. It is best to use immediately. If you use this tea to wash your face for 15 days all of your acne will be gone.


  • 200g sour apples
  • 100 g peels of apples
  • 100g sugar
  • 1L water

Peek the apples and slice them in circles, add the sugar and finally boil the water. Put it in a jar, close it and leave it in the sun for seven days. By doing this you get cosmetic apple cider vinegar.


This lotion is great not only for treating pimples and fever blisters, but also to clean the face from the blackheads and enlarged pores. With pad soaked in the lotion you should  massage the face several times a day. The skin will heal and will refresh in a short time.

Glowing Skin Tips – Lotions for cleaning normal skin


  • 30 g rosemary
  • 30 g rose petals flower
  • 25 g Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)
  • 10 g sage
  • 450 ml water

Dried herbs soak in water and leave overnight.

In the morning cook until boiling, strain and pour into a bottle. With a swab wash the face with this lotion in the morning and evening. This lotion can be used to remove makeup.


  • 15 g chamomile
  • 10g mint
  • 250 ml 65% alcohol

Dried herbs soak in alcohol, close and leave to stand for 5 days. Then strain and pour into a bottle and store in a dark place.

This lotion is recommended for males to refresh the skin after shaving.

Glowing Skin Tips – Steaming of dry and irritated skin


20 g of dry chamomile and 0.5l water (this procedure can be done with the same amount of marigold flower).

When water boils, soak the chamomile in it.

Tilt your head over the a pot of tea, Cover your head with a towel so that the steam from the container goes directly to the face. Steam the face for 10-15 minutes.

Note: If you use hot coating instead of steam, the procedure is as follows: pour the chamomile in the boiling water. After 10 minutes strain. After clean cloth or gauze soak it in tea and then drain as not to drip and hold it to your face until it gets cold.

Glowing Skin Tips and advice

Drink plenty of water to maintain hydration of your skin. This will help to remove acne and keep your skin smooth. Keep your face and skin clean. Wash your hands before touching your face. Change the bedding frequently to prevent the spread of bacteria. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and make sure you enter enough vitamins A and E, which nourish the skin. Also when choosing beauty products (creams, shampoos, make-up) select products based on water. Therefore do not apply too much make-up and always remove it before going to bed. Do not squeeze the pimples because it can lead to increased presence of bacteria.

If you do not see any improvement after 8 weeks visit a dermatologist.

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