Dandelion Leaf Benefits and Tea Recipe

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Dandelion leaf benefits are immense and in the folk medicine has been used against diseases on the bile, the liver, the recovery and purification of the body. Congregated healthy leaves without spots are being used internally and externally as a remedy for all diseases of the airways, while the stems are quite useful and assist during diabetes.

Diabetics should eat ten stems per day, for a time until it blooms. The stems are washed along with the blossoms and then the blossoms are removed and then slowly munch the stems. Initially, they will have a slightly bitter taste, crispy and juicy and can be eaten as a salad. Sick people who are always depressed and tired should make a 14-day diet with fresh stems of dandelions.

You will be amazed at the immense results. The stems can help with other symptoms. Help with itchy skin, rashes, and lichens. Can fix the composition of gastric juice and clear the stomach of all harmful substances. Fresh stems can painlessly dissolve gallstones and improve the performance of the liver and bile. Besides mineral salts in dandelion hides other important medicinal substances. And they are very important in the treatment of disrupted metabolism.  Due to the action of purifying the blood, it helps with rheumatism and gout, and swollen glands withdrawal by using of dandelion stem three to four weeks. Dandelion also is used to treat Јaundice and sick spleen.

The root of the dandelion, if eaten fresh or dried used for tea, purifies the blood, helps with digestion. Causes sweating and it acts as a diuretic and refreshes.

All books on herbs are talking about the tea from dandelion root, about women who once used it for nourishing their beauty. They would wash their eyes and face and believe that by doing so they were achieving a more beautiful face. It is among the medicinal plants that do not die out in the cold periods of the year and you can find it at any time.

Dandelion Leaf Benefits and Tea Recipe

Dandelion leaf benefits are so many and the best way to prepare them is by making this tea. It is made from dandelion leaves that need to be dried, chopped, grind and then mix everything together.. You only need half a teaspoon of the mixture to make a tea. Add that quantity to a glass of water and you’ll have a delicious tea.
Or mix 60 grams of the mixture with 30 grams of dried dandelion roots and add this to 2.5 ounces of water along with some salt. Wait for it to boil and simmer, around 20 minutes, then strain the liquid afterward. You can take up to three glasses a day.

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I would like to share my experience with dandelion.

Every spring I am making myself a syrup from the flowers of dandelion, which has a very pleasant taste and is also very healthy. My Christmas cakes always are made with this syrup and very beautiful and tasty.

This recipe that will tell you I have it thanks to my grandmother. When I was small she used to tell me a story about a woman that she had met that was carrying a bag full of fresh dandelion. And how she took her to her place to show her the recipe that she gave it to me later. Hope that you will try to make it. Believe me, it’s awesome!

The recipe goes like this:

Two full handfuls of dandelion flowers are put in cold water and should be gradually heated until it boils. After it boils pull the pan from the stove and let it stand overnight. The next day, strain the water through a sieve and press the blossoms.

This juice is mixed with 1kg raw sugar and half a lemon cut into pieces (if pesticides are used on it then peel it). A Greater amount of lemon juice can make the syrup too acidic. Put it on the stove on low heat just as much that the water evaporates and you are left with a syrup with all the necessary vitamins. Remove from oven once or twice in order to check the density of the mixture. It should not be too thick because will crystallize and should not be too rare because it will go sour. Should be optimal density as to be able to spread it on a slice of bread or to use for making delicious cookies.

Other uses of dandelion:

Dandelion root tea preparation – 1 small spoon full of dried dandelion root should be poured in 250ml cold water and the next day boil that and rinse it.

Drink this amount of tea half an hour before breakfast or after (sip by sip).

Salad – Prepare with fresh leaves or fresh roots of dandelion

Stem – Chew good and eat 5-10 stems daily.

This precious herb occupies an important place in folk medicine. Unfortunately, most of the population is not aware of it and dandelion is considered as plain grass.

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