Chrono Nutrition Diet For Beginners

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You just heard about chrono-nutrition diet from a friend? Or overheard someone talking about it and lost half the weight? Well, glad to say, everything your friend told you and that person in the coffee shop was true. The chrono nutrition diet also known as Chrono diet will allow you to eat everything, and as much as you want. And no, no, no, … no pills… nothing out of the ordinary. We promise. Interested enough? Read trough the description we prepared for you, and how it works.

What is Chrono nutrition Diet?

The main thing with chrono-nutrition diet is that you eat at a certain time, thus the name “Chrono diet”, a proper combination of foods. The amount of food and the number of calories you eat is irrelevant. It was invented 30 years ago by a French doctor – Alain Delabos. Dr. Alain studied “Chrono Biology”. He used his field of study to create this amazing diet.

Dr. Alain claims that person could lose 10 lbs per month up to amazing 15 lbs in 2 weeks, reported in some cases. But this is not the amazing thing. The really cool thing is that you can eat as much as you want to while on “diet”.

chrono-nutrition diet results from one year

How Does Chrono nutrition Diet Work?

The science behind this diet lays in the insulin and cortisol levels in the human body as well as digesting enzymes. Controlling how the body uses food nutrients like carbs and fat, insulin is on of the top ranking hormones our body produces. Cortisol, also being one of the main hormones our body produces, controls blood pressure, metabolism rate and other significant functions. Around the clock, each day, the levels of this enzymes and hormones fluctuate.

Dr. Alain in his research came to a revelation that if a person consumes particular food at a given time, he could target the part of the day when these hormones are at their peak. With this, the food that we intake would be used more efficiently, while the body storing less fat.

In his research, he had shown that our body produces more enzymes for fats combustion in the morning, proteins in the afternoon and combusts more carbohydrates in the evening. The chrono-nutrition diet menu is basically targeting the right food at the right time.

So since it is called chrono-nutrition diet it must have some kind of timetable (you can also read when is the best time to take your vitamins and minerals). To be honest, this is not just any timetable, but very precise timetable. The rule says that while on this diet the time between each meal should be at least 4 hours and at most 6 hours. The ideal time between meals is 5 to 5.5 hours.

As we promised, this diet, unlike others, includes food. Dr. Delabos recommends that each day the calories that a person consumes shouldn’t be less than 2000 and more than 2500 kcal.

chrono-nutrition diet schema english

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