Simple Test by Brazillian Doctor Could Predict How Long You Will Live

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Human civilization hasn’t conquered Time, yet. Thinking about this, often a question comes to mind, how many more years do we have left? Not as a definitive answer, but a Brazilian doctor named Claudio Gil Araujo made a very basic test that anyone could take! In just a few seconds you could predict how long this could be.

Araujo as a physician noticed that a lot of his patients have problems with balance and strength. Even while completing simple tasks like standing up from a chair or getting various objects off the floor. Not to mention that conditioning and balance issues can result in really nasty falls and accidents. Dr. Araujo wanted to create a single utilized formula that could estimate life expectancy. The formula utilized each patient flexibility, balance, and strength. The measurements take this as the main properties.

This formula, of course, wasn’t precise. But the “greater picture” was simple. If his patients saw how conditioning, flexibility, strength and balance effect theirs overall health they just might get motivated enough to get in better shape. Clever! The idea came easy. If you tell anyone to “get in shape” out of the blue they probably won’t do it. But if you spice it up with, “You will be dead in 5 years if you don’t get in shape.”, they just might think about it.

Of course, the simplicity of the test was one of the requirements. A lot of people wouldn’t be able to access this test if the expensive equipment was required or anything out of the ordinary. Doctor Araujo developed, with the help of few colleagues, the sitting-rising test. Both of the basic requirements were met. Nothing out of the ordinary is required. Also, it is accessible by anyone and simple enough that it can be performed in a matter of seconds.


The Three Steps of Sitting-rising Test

sitting-rising test steps

#Step 1 – Stand in the middle of a room. Create enough room around you so nothing will stand in your way while taking this test. Also, consider wearing something loose and comfortable for more precise results.

#Step 2 – Once you are ready, make a squat into a cross-legged sitting position. The trick is, while doing this you shouldn’t use your hands or arms for help.

#Step 3 – Then, once you are ready, try standing back up. Again, while doing this try not use anything to help you out.

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